Quashing rumors: Halladay, V-Mart and more

It’s trading time, and a lot of teams are deciding right now whether they want to buy or sell. Here are some rumored players and why they are or are not likely to become Red Sox:

Roy Halladay, SP, TOR. The Blue Jays are considering moving Halladay, but only for a bounty you can not even imagine. As tempting as a rotation featuring Doc would be, trading big within the division is always risky business. I think you’d have to include a young major league stud PLUS three prospects to land Halladay.

Victor Martinez, DH/1B/C, CLE. The Indians do want to sell some veterans, but not the heart and soul of their team. You could imagine the Sox matching up, but we’d have to give up quite a bit of pitching to get this done (and probably Lars Anderson as well). Also, if you acquire V-Mart, where will he get his at-bats? This move only makes sense if either Mike Lowell is not coming back or David Ortiz slumps badly again (which doesn’t look likely).

Cliff Lee, SP, CLE. Lee is the centerpiece of the Tribe’s rotation and has an affordable team option for 2010, so it would be foolish for them to trade him away for anything less than a king’s ransom. We’re talking 3-4 top prospects here, so unless you’re willing to part with Clay Buchholz, Michael Bowden AND Lars Anderson, don’t even bring him up.

Chad Tracy, 3B/LF, ARI. At $7M this season with an expiring contract, the losing Diamondbacks have no reason to keep Tracy on their roster, and the Red Sox have room to expand the payroll. Tracy could be a nice insurance policy for Lowell, but you’d have to bump a man off the 40-man in order to do this. Josh Byrnes knows the Red Sox farm system very well, and could very well deal with Theo Epstein.

Garrett Atkins, 1B/3B, COL. This one is hard to gauge. Boston is one of the few teams who can afford to add his salary without blinking. Atkins should be able to hit, but hasn’t this year. He isn’t quite ready to accept a part-time bench role, but that’s all the Sox have to offer now. They could take a flyer on him as a reclamation project, but why? Atkins is irrelevant on the Rockies, but they are still in the hunt, so they’d want a good reliever in return, like Takashi Saito or Manny Delcarmen.

Peter Gammons expects the asking price for Brad Penny to be sky high, as in a top prospect. I’m not sure I’m that optimistic, but I’m fine with that, if someone wants to pay that for a Penny.


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