7/11/09 Injury update: Lowell, Lowrie, Dice-K

Mike Lowell says he’s ready to go, and that’s good news for the Sox. We should get an idea pretty quickly about how his hip will hold up after the Synvisc treatment. Apparently the rest not only helped him be more agile, but allowed him to tag the ball a bit harder than he has recently. Again, good news.

Jed Lowrie was activated this week from the 60-day DL and is also ready, and will rejoin the team in one week. Jonathan Van Every was designated to make room, but I don’t think anyone will take the injured outfielder right now. Certainly Nick Green has to stay at least until Lowrie proves his health, but I think he’s earned a chance to remain on this roster for now. Probably someone goes on the DL, but I don’t know what they plan to do with Julio Lugo when this happens.

Daisuke Matsuzaka continues to enjoy his slow rehab. The good news is that he’s finally bought into the Red Sox’ shoulder strengthening program; but is it too late for 2009?


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