Links: Papi keeps popping, utilizing Baldelli, Ellsbury keeps running

David Ortiz hit yet another homer today, and surpassed 300 for his career this week. Congratulations to the big lug.

Rocco Baldelli was spotted taking grounders at first base. this makes a lot of sense in case Mike Lowell can’t return to health; Youkilis could move across the diamond and Baldelli would be a right-handed complement to Mark Kotsay at first. Kudos to Baldelli for being willing to do whatever the team needs. Those Sox, always thinking ahead.

Jacoby Ellsbury conditioned himself better this offseason, and unlike last year, has no intention of slowing his stolen base pace this year. He was safe at the plate on that play he was thrown out of the game for, BTW.

The Sox signed three more right-handed pitchers: Mario Alcantara and Raul Alcantara (no relation) out of the Dominican Republic, and Chez Angeloni out of Johns Hopkins.


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