Links: An outside view of Sox prospects, Ellsbury

Jim Callis, a noted scout for Baseball America, talks about the Red Sox pitching depth in the minors. For those of you clamoring for us to deal for Roy Halladay, sometimes it helps to get an outside perspective on what we already have in our farm system. And if that’s not enough pitching prospect Kool-Aid for you, Amalie Benjamin runs down Junichi Tazawa, Nick Hagadone and Casey Kelly here.

It seems Josh Beckett has taken fellow Texan Clay Buchholz under his wing. Let’s hope some of that maturity and experience can rub off before his start this Friday. Here’s a really nice piece on him to keep you hungry until game time.

As baseball gets underway again, it’s nice to look back at the first half with David Pinto. It’s also nice to know that the Yankees haven’t fared well against good competition this season.

How about that All-Star Game? Jonathan Papelbon gets the win because of this play by Carl Crawford (he’s probably the best defensive left fielder in the AL, BTW). He’s more than just speed, but a very good player overall. Tampa has a $10M option on him for next season, which they should exercise, but after that, how about recruiting him to Boston?

Ichiro Suzuki defends fellow countryman Daisuke Matsuzaka, saying that it wasn’t the WBC which messed up his shoulder this season. I beg to differ, but it most certainly was.

Read what other Major Leaguers have to say about Jacoby Ellsbury.


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  1. Pat says:

    Excellent post. I enjoyed the articles.

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