7/20/09 Injuries and contingencies

Hallelujah, Jed Lowrie is back! Lowrie appears to be healthy, but as the Sox are wont to do, they will bring him along cautiously, and platoon him with Nick Green for a while. Along with that move, Julio Lugo has been DFA’d to make room on the roster. Whether he is released or traded, the Red Sox will be eating the rest of his contract. Give Theo some credit for admitting his mistake in signing Lugo to an inflated 4-year deal.

Mike Lowell also returned to action this week, but was held out of yesterday’s game against Roy Halladay. I don’t have a good feeling about this. If that hip doesn’t improve, I don’t know that Boston has another option than going out and getting someone who could play every at third or first (sliding Kevin Youkilis across the diamond to third).

Jeff Bailey is making progress, but don’t be surprised if the Sox go out and acquire a better version of Bailey as insurance in the case that Lowell can’t play every day.

Red Sox Nation should not expect sweeping changes at this year’s trading deadline, because the team is in pretty good shape otherwise. Brad Penny may still be moved, though his trade value appears to be slipping a bit. The other player who could find himself with a new team is Takashi Saito, who is an old but effective bullpen arm on a one-year contract.


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