Jason Bay talks will have to wait

For those who are enamored by Jason Bay’s stellar 1st half performance and wanted to sign him to a contract extension, the Red Sox have let it be known that further talks won’t be happening until the offseason. Bay is eligible to become a 30-year old free agent this offseason, and is putting himself in line for a huge deal as one of the top left fielders and power bats available this offseason. His top-notch hitting against the Yankees and other tough competitors is only adding to his perceived value.

I am not surprised by this announcement at all. This doesn’t mean that the two sides are on bad terms; it’s still quite possible the Sox will retain Bay’s services. The Red Sox don’t typically do mid-season deals unless the player is willing to give them a significant discount; in Bay’s case, he has absolutely no reason to do so. He is adding to his resume this season, and will likely be pursued by a number of teams should he reach free agency. At the same time, the Red Sox have no urgency about inking Bay either; he’s been a great player for them, but 29-year old Matt Holliday, also a left fielder, is also expected to be available this offseason. He probably doesn’t have as much power as Bay, but is a better contact hitter and plays the field very well. There’s no impetus for either side to concede anything at this point, so we’ll have to stay tuned to see what happens in the offseason.


One Response to Jason Bay talks will have to wait

  1. basementathlete says:

    Jason Bay has carried the Red Sox through an up and down year. He is a class act who the city has embraced immediately. I think signing Bay should be our #1 priority.


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