Lowrie’s forearm a problem

As if watching that drubbing in NY wasn’t bad enough, shortstop Jed Lowrie was pulled from last night’s game with forearm numbness; yes, THAT forearm in which he had the wrist issue. Is there a shortstop in the house? Didn’t think so.

If you thought corner outfield depth was a problem for this series, this is a real crisis. Should Lowrie be unable to go, we’d be looking at Nick Green being our starter for the foreseeable future, and Gil Velasquez as the utility infielder. Oh, wait – we DFA’d him to get Billy Traber on the 40-man roster. So if he doesn’t stay, our next infielder capable of playing shortstop is… 26-year old Ivan Ochoa, currently hitting .220/.338/.331 at Pawtucket.

This is a serious situation indeed, and puts the playoffs in jeopardy for us. Dare I say it? We… need… Julio… Lu… No, I can’t. I say we go out and do a waiver trade for an Omar Vizquel or someone, post haste. A PTBNL from our system ought to do the trick.


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