Meet Chris Woodward (before he’s gone)

For those tuning in to this Yankees series, you might not recognize that face at shortstop – 33 year-old Chris Woodward. I vaguely remember him from his days with the Toronto organization. He’s kind of one of those no-hit, good fielding middle infielders you see traveling around the Majors. He came up with the Blue Jays, spent some time with the Mets and the Braves, then was picked up by Seattle this season. You may not see him around for too long, as the Sox are doing everything they can to acquire a shortstop in this post-trade deadline environment.

The 6-0, 170 righty, or Woody, as he is known, is a career .242/.298/.370 hitter in 10 partial seasons, 7 of those in the AL. Interestingly, he hasn’t hit lefties well at all in his career compared to RHP; that means he can’t hit offspeed/breaking stuff. Fangraphs shows him as a slightly below-average shortstop, someone who can turn the double play pretty well, but has poor to terrible range for the hole.

With this kind of scouting report, why did the Sox claim Woodward? Jed Lowrie’s forearm was a surprise, and they needed someone to play shortstop until they could judge the situation a bit better. Whatever little confidence Nick Green had mustered, it has all but vanished from the Sox organization and Red Sox Nation. I feel sorry for Green, but he’s gone as soon as they can find a replacement.


One Response to Meet Chris Woodward (before he’s gone)

  1. tank says:

    always respected this woodward character…seems to be in the mold of an 80’s ballplayer….wasn’t born the greatest athlete, just puts in the extra work to get the job done….53rd round pick (i don’t think they have that many rounds anymore)…that must say something…not too many 50+ rounders that stick around for 10 years…

    theo isn’t dumb…. he knows what he’s getting in woodward, a hard working great teammate who will play any position asked and at this point in his career go balls to the wall to stay in the magical world of the big leagues… i’ve seen him on espn making clutch plays and hits…(he beat us on july 4th in fenway with a fister that saito placed perfectly)…(july 4th , boston, game winner, that’s clutch in my book)…

    fits the mold…model citizen, loves the game…
    here’s hoping for the best woodward…make it count

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