Billy Wagner blocks trade to Boston

Well, those of you who were hoping for a little left-handed bullpen help will be disappointed. Billy Wagner has officially blocked his trade to Boston after the two sides could not come to terms on his upcoming player option and arbitration. Basically, Wagner wanted the Sox to guarantee his opportunity to go to free agency this offseason as a closer; by asking them to decline his option AND not offer him arbitration, he was denying them any compensation for him, should he turn out to be a dud for two months. Apparently the player the Mets wanted was more than an organizational guy, or else the trade would have gone through.

From a source supposedly close to Wagner:

He feels he has a better chance lasting a month in a less competitive environment than perhaps two months in a pennant race and playoffs.

Curt Schilling said this morning on WEEI that he is not surprised by Wagner’s comments. The Red Sox had claimed Wagner, who has just returned from Tommy John surgery, on waivers this week in a bid to make a deal for his services the rest of this year.

The potential trade had received some additional attention when closer Jonathan Papelbon raised his own personal objections to adding the hard-throwing Wagner, also a closer, to an already strong bullpen.


3 Responses to Billy Wagner blocks trade to Boston

  1. redsoxtalk says:

    And now there are reports that Wagner has been talked out of blocking the move is is headed to Boston for two Double-A level prospects.

    The Red Sox will pay the rest of Wagner’s salary this year, and will likely offer him arbitration in the offseason, meaning they can recoup one or two of these picks in next year’s draft, assuming Wagner gets Type-A or Type-B free agent status and signs with another team.

  2. Rich Mag says:

    I hope this deal really works out. I have a bad feeling that they are just using him as a stop gap until Bard is ready to close. I think JP’s days might be coming to an end.

  3. redsoxtalk says:

    I think for Boston to give up Papelbon before his free agency is crazy, unless some team offers a top catcher or shortstop in return. We don’t really need prospects, as we already have a lot of them. Looking at the 2010 contenders who are in need of closers, I’m not sure I see a match. Perhaps the Cubs and Geovany Soto, who disappointed this year?

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