Red Sox ink most of their draftees

Apologies as this happened a while ago, but the Sox were able to sign a majority of their draftees by the deadline (26 of 50 overall). According to the ProJo, they signed their top five guys and 14 of their top 15 (unlike the Tampa Bay Rays).

  • 3rd round – David Renfroe (SS)
  • 7th round – Madison Younginer (RHP)
  • 9th round – Kendal Volz (RHP, Baylor Univ) signed for a $550k bonus.
  • 10th round – Brandon Jacobs (OF)
  • 11th round – Jason Thompson (SS)
  • 18th round – Miles Parthemore (RHP)
  • 20th round – Alex Hassan (RHP)
  • 26th round – Miles Head (3B)
  • 28th round – Eric Curtis (RHP)
  • 31st round – Shaughn Webb (LHP)

This ability to sign and develop top talent is a big reason for the Red Sox’ continued success. I look forward to following these guys through the farm system.

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