Smoltz successful in NL debut

Here’s the line for the starting pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals on Sunday – 5 IP, 3 hits, 0 runs, 0 walks and 9 Ks, including a streak of 7 men in a row. That line belonged to John Smoltz, formerly of the Red Sox organization. I should acknowledge that this happened against the Padres, who feature kind of a Quad-A lineup right now, but still…

Smoltz attributes the difference to a recent discovery that he was tipping his pitches while with the Sox. In apparent defense of his coaching staff, Terry Francona has denied any tipping of pitches. Whatever the case, Smoltz may have found success back in the NL. It’s a case of the Sox’ excellent medical staff nursing a player back to health, only to have another team reap the benefits. At least he left saying all the right things, so no hard feelings towards the guy. He was a great pitcher in his day.


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