2009 September callups and that Kazmir trade

With their grasp on the AL wild card tightening, the Red Sox can take a slightly less accelerated route for prospect promotion this September. So you may not see Michael Bowden or Josh Reddick up here again this season. As of today, they have recalled OFs Brian Anderson and Joey Gathright (remember that backup CF trade I mentioned at the July 31st deadline? Here they are.) SS Jed Lowrie and C George Kottaras will almost certainly join the club, now that rosters have expanded. Lowrie was recently given the all-clear to play.

Can anyone explain the Tampa Rays trading away Scott Kazmir while they are in a race for the wild card? Or perhaps I should say, “were” in the the race? There are rumors that the PTBNL could be Brandon Wood; he’s a guy with enough upside that the Rays might consider doing this deal to gamble on 2010. Wood would bring a lot of right-handed power to the Rays’ lineup next year, something Pat Burrell failed to accomplish this year. But where would he play, given that Tampa has Evan Longoria at 3B, Jason Bartlett at SS and Carlos Pena at 1B? Perhaps Pena goes to DH?

2 Responses to 2009 September callups and that Kazmir trade

  1. redsoxtalk says:

    Word today is that the PTBNL is 2B Sean Rodriguez. That makes a bit more sense, as he is a cheaper alternative and has more offensive potential than Akinori Iwamura, who has a $4.25M option for 2010 ($250k buyout). Looks like the Rays are ready to cut bait on Iwamura.

  2. redsoxtalk says:

    Also joining the bench is Chris Woodward, and Junichi Tazawa is also back on the roster and will rejoin the team this week.

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