Looking ahead at Joe Mauer

Joe Mauer is having a season for the ages as a catcher. It’s ridiculous how good he’s been – and if this analysis can be believed, he could be worth some $170M+ when he comes up for free agency at the end of next year. Would the Sox invest that kind of money in Mauer, even if he couldn’t remain a catcher for the whole length of the contract?


2 Responses to Looking ahead at Joe Mauer

  1. Pat says:

    I hope not. I’ve heard a lot of people excited over Mauer and wanting the sox to sign him when the time comes, but I’m not on board.

    I don’t feel good about signing a catcher to what I would expect to be a long term contract. Four years? Yeah, no problem. 6-8? I don’t feel good about the value of a contract like that.

    Kevin Youkilis posted a .417 wOBA so far this year. Mauer a .444, impressive difference, but not that significant if Mauer plays anywhere but catcher. How long can he catch for?

    I’d rather see a great defensive catcher with minimal offense for no cost, and spend the money elsewhere.

  2. redsoxtalk says:

    I think if Mauer could be had for 6 years, that would be great for the Sox. However, the Yankees are in need of a catcher, and I think the bidding will go all the way up to 7-8 years. We could see a replay of the Teixeira situation again this offseason with Mauer; in that scenario, I’m fine with the Yankees sinking $150-170M into a catcher.

    If Mauer doesn’t work out, who would you like to see the Sox go after then to complement Martinez and replace Varitek? Not much elite talent around the Majors, but Cleveland has some excess catching now in Kelly Shoppach, Lou Marson and Carlos Santana. Could we pry away someone like Jeff Clement from Seattle, or Miguel Montero from Arizona? Or are you satisfied with Dusty Brown, Mark Wagner, Luis Exposito and Ryan Lavarnway?

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