Trade deadline retro: what Halladay would have cost

A blurb by Joe McDonald that claims the asking price for Toronto ace Roy Halladay was Clay Buchholz, Daniel Bard and Casey Kelly. Apparently Epstein was willing to include the first two players, but balked at including Kelly in the deal. Kelly has rapidly risen this season to be considered one of the Red Sox top prospects.

That’s three quality arms for Halladay. I remember at the time how dire our rotation was looking, and it would have been easy to pull the trigger, but the front office didn’t panic. In hindsight, with Buchholz pitching the way he has since the deadline, and Halladay at 3-5 with a 3.90 ERA over that span, I think it’s clear that we made the right decision. In fact, you could argue that with Buchholz getting 56.0% grounders this season (compared with Doc’s 50.7%), we have our own little mini-Halladay in the making. Not to mention what that could have done to our bullpen depth.

What do you think, readers? Did the front office make the right call in saying no to J.P. Ricciardi?

3 Responses to Trade deadline retro: what Halladay would have cost

  1. Pat says:

    To be fair, I was beginning to feel that we had given Buchholz too much time, that he had lost all his trade value and was entering into: bust. Get anything we can for him, I was thinking at the time.

    Right now this is looking like a extremely good no-trade. I’m feeling much better about Buchholz for the rest of this year, and into the future.

    I remember during the Santana deals, John Farrell adamantly pushing for the front office to keep Jon Lester. I wonder if he endorsed Clay the same way this July?

  2. redsoxtalk says:

    Yeah, I remember not too long ago when I was souring on Buchholz as well. It’s hard to read him, and a lot of people look at him and see a wide-eyed little kid; but I think that’s just his expression. If he does indeed have the mental toughness to go with plus velocity and that killer changeup, he will be very solid for years to come.

    It’s amazing if you look at the success rate the Sox have had with young position players and pitchers in recent years. I’m beginning to realize that the Red Sox develop pitchers, not just guys who can throw. All these guys have talent at this level, and if you select guys with character and teachability, you can train them in how to pitch and how to deal with adversity. Kudos to the player development people for the Sox.

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