Notes: Sept 17, 2009

Just a few items to catch you up on.

You know about Kevin Youkilis and Victor Martinez, but Jonathan Papelbon also tweaked his back the other day, after losing his footing on a warmup pitch.

Tim Wakefield is not really improving, but he wants to give it another shot. He’s slated to start Monday in Kansas City against the Royals. Personally I don’t want to see him get hurt, but with the wild card race shaking out, if he can give us some innings, it can’t hurt, right? More rest for our playoff rotation.

Congratulations to David Ortiz, who recently set the record for most career HR by a DH with 312.

Jon Heyman (aka Scott Boras’ mouthpiece) says that Jason Bay could command a free agent contract around 4/$60M or even 5/$80M this offseason. Here’s the original article, with some other big name free agents listed. Given his age, injury history and defense, I’d pass at this price point.

Another prospect gets surgery: OF Zach Daeges is going to remove a bone from his ankle. If everything goes well, he should be ready in time for Spring Training.

2 Responses to Notes: Sept 17, 2009

  1. Pat says:

    A Fangraphs article stated earlier this year, that Jason Bay is a league average player, when you consider what his defense does to his overall value.

    I would prefer someone who can cover a lot of ground in left, and I have a feeling the front office feels the same way. I think they would re-sign Jbay if the contract had a good value, but only then.

    I’d like to see Matt Holliday in left, but he may cost too much. I’m not sure what other free agents will be available next year.

  2. redsoxtalk says:

    Some potential free agent corner outfielders this off-season:
    Bobby Abreu
    Mike Cameron
    Johnny Damon
    Vladimir Guerrero
    Brian Giles
    Hideki Matsui
    Magglio Ordonez
    Randy Winn
    Xavier Nady

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