Links 12-09-2009: Granderson, offseason approach, another Ramon Ramirez, Delcarmen

The Red Sox apparently had first shot at acquiring Curtis Granderson, but when Detroit asked for Jacoby Ellsbury or Clay Buchholz in return, we gave them a big fat NO. Michael Silverman tweeted that the Tigers wanted both players, but I find that hard to believe. I’m glad we didn’t give up either player for Granderson, but it’s not so fun to watch him go to the Yankees, either.

We are getting the full court press from the Sox management that we won’t mortgage the future. I’m glad they’re keeping prospects like Casey Kelly, but do these statements imply that we shouldn’t expect anything big this offseason? Clearly Theo Epstein is trying to control expectations when he talks about a “bridge period“. I hope that the bridge has enough room to sign Matt Holliday, a starter and a reliever or two.

The Sox put in a waiver claim on reliever Ramon A. Ramirez, newly released by Tampa Bay. I can only imagine the confusion if the Sox put him in the bullpen with the already existing Red Sox named Ramon S. Ramirez. This new Ramirez is a smallish right-hander who will be entering his age 27 season. He features a fastball that just touches 90 mph and a good changeup at 82 mph. Ramirez also has a show-me 81 mph slider he can throw to righties on occasion. He’s pitched 39.1 innings for the Reds the past two years and compiled a 2.97 ERA based on a very low .184 batting average against, but merely average peripherals. Nothing too impressive, and likely only a depth reliever. The Sox may go with several of these candidates rather then acquire a big name reliever, like a Rafael Soriano, according to the Globe.

Manny Delcarmen has come out saying that he was pitching with a bad shoulder in the latter half of 2009. That may explain his 7.27 ERA, decreased velocity and 5 HR allowed after a fine 1st half. Okay, fine – but if you were hurting, why didn’t you tell someone and go on the DL?


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