Links 12-14-2009: Bay slipping away, Lowell in limbo, eyeing Lackey?

The weekend was not kind to the Red Sox in terms of their negotiations with free agent Jason Bay. Agent Joe Urbon said that they have rejected Boston’s 4-year, $60M offer and are ready to “move on” to other suitors:

“It hasn’t changed much…We’ve been talking with them for 10 months. We’ve got to a point where based on the offers we’ve received from other clubs, we needed to make it clear where we stand, and they’ve made it clear where they stand. If they want to re-engage at some point in this process but we’re not going to wait. We can’t wait. We have to go at the pace of the other clubs. I’m sure the Red Sox will have other avenues that they will pursue or they are pursuing.”

Urbon notes that his client has other better offers (plural) on the table. It has been rumored that the asking price is 6 years at $16-18M per season; reports that a mystery team has offered 5 years to Bay already. That’s way too rich for my blood, and hopefully Theo Epstein’s as well.

Concern over Mike Lowell’s thumb is holding up the trade with Texas that would bring C/1B Max Ramirez to Boston. According to Peter Gammons, Lowell may need surgery on that digit.

Ed Price has heard that John Lackey will be taking a physical with the Red Sox. It might not mean much, but at the very least it shows an elevated level of interest in the big righty. I didn’t anticipate that we’d be big players for him; could that mean we are indeed considering moving Clay Buchholz?

Some roster changes of note: OF Brian Anderson was non-tendered by the Red Sox this week, making him a free agent. RHP Boof Bonser, recently acquired from the Twins, received a one-year, non-guaranteed contract. We have traded Double-A pitcher Chris Province to Minnesota to complete that deal. Province looks like he could be a solid bullpen arm in a year or two.

The Red Sox have invited 11 players to their Rookie Development Program, which is supposed to ease the transition for minor leaguers to Boston and Fenway Park. These are guys you might expect to see up here at some point in 2010 or 2011.

One Response to Links 12-14-2009: Bay slipping away, Lowell in limbo, eyeing Lackey?

  1. redsoxtalk says:

    The Lackey rumor has been confirmed by Ken Rosenthal. Rosenthal says that the Sox have a deal in place which is along the lines of A.J. Burnett’s 5/85M contract, but the last year (or two) may be options. This could mean the end of the line for Buchholz.

    Put this together with the Mike Lowell trade, and the Sox seem to sending a package including Buchholz and Max Ramirez to somebody for a corner infield bat. To me, the most likely target is Miguel Cabrera’s bloated contract, possibly followed by Prince Fielder of the pitching-starved Brewers. I don’t think Adrian Gonzalez makes as much sense because of Kyle Blanks, unless they view Ramirez as a legitimate full-time catcher.

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