Links 12-18-2009: Player awards, Lowell and Kotchman, Holliday turned down Sox

Jon Lester was voted the Red Sox pitcher of the year by the Boston chapter of the baseball writers association. No argument here. Also, congratulations are in order for Jacoby Ellsbury, who This Year in Baseball fans voted the best defensive player in baseball last season. Great compilation of his web gems, but it’s the routine plays that matter more in the long run. As much as I like Ells, I would never claim that he’s the best gloveman in the Majors. Fans love the highlights, though.

The Mike Lowell trade should be worked out or fail by the end of this weekend, writes the ProJo. That thumb is a big factor for a team like the Rangers. If the Sox are truly seeking to sign Adrian Beltre, it won’t happen before this situation is laid to rest one way or another.

Terry Francona and Theo Epstein are fine with Casey Kotchman as their everyday first baseman. He’s just entering his prime years, he works counts, and there is some evidence that he can hit quite a bit better than he has the last two seasons. BTW, Casey’s dad, Tom Kotchman, raves about Lackey as a big-game pitcher, and predicts great things for him here.

Apparently the Sox offered Holliday a 5-year, $82.5M contract, but when Scott Boras predictably refused, they moved on to John Lackey. Seriously, they just crossed out Matt’s name and scrawled “John Lackey” above it on the check.

R. J. Anderson considers all sorts of factors to see who would be a good fit for Adrian Gonzalez, and the Red Sox are right there. But just because we want him doesn’t mean the Padres will give him to us. That contract is just too good to be true.


One Response to Links 12-18-2009: Player awards, Lowell and Kotchman, Holliday turned down Sox

  1. redsoxtalk says:

    Lowell deal failed, he will have surgery on the thumb, like he wanted to back in Oct. Did the Sox ask him to hold off until they traded him?

    Red Sox will probably have to move the disgruntled veteran. Good luck getting any value back for him now. Is there any chance he could stay? That would be the best scenario, I think.

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