Links 1-5-2010: Kotchman traded to Seattle, Ellsbury to LF, Beltre reactions

Apparently Casey Kotchman is headed to Seattle in a trade that would bring 3B/OF Bill Hall to Boston, along with cash and perhaps a minor leaguer. The cash is because Hall will earn roughly twice as much as Kotchman in 2010. Hall is a lifetime .251/.309/.441 hitter, a super-utility player who can play a pretty strong 3B and man the corner outfield spots, and even play CF or middle infielder in a pinch. He is yet another right-handed, low-OBP guy with some power (is it just me, or did Theo kind of go crazy with these types all of a sudden?). He does strike out about 30% of the time; if you thought Jason Bay struck out a lot, you ain’t seen nothin yet.

As I predicted, the Red Sox have asked Jacoby Ellsbury to shift to left field in order to accommodate Mike Cameron, a highly accomplished centerfielder. Terry Francona admitted that he knew what he wanted to do from the moment they signed Cameron, but the Red Sox follow a certain protocol for these things. This final move completes the defensive makeover of the Sox, and gives them one of the best defenses in the Major Leagues. Additionally, Ellsbury can contribute more on defense while saving his legs for running the bases; the immediate comparison would be Carl Crawford. David Pinto thinks that not having to shade to help Bay will even benefit J.D. Drew as well.

The reactions to the Adrian Beltre signing are pretty positive. His 2009 was clearly limited by his physical issues, so we can expect improvement. Sox Therapy still thinks that we still don’t have enough talent to beat the Yankees. Dave Cameron loves the move, while FanGraphs points out that the third base market is now pretty barren of plus talent.


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