Links 1-11-2009: Dice-Gate, CBT salary, Lowell’s role, Beltre’s deal

Daisuke Matsuzaka has admitted to hiding an inner-thigh injury from the Red Sox that began before last year’s WBC. He continued to pitch through the injury, and it didn’t heal for an extended period of time. He attributes his lack of effectiveness to this injury, rather than the weight/conditioning issue. This is one undesirable trait of Japanese/Asian pitchers, that they feel compelled to maintain their honor or save face at any cost. I’m sure his trainers would have liked to know what was going on, and maybe he wouldn’t have had to miss so much baseball. I’m usually a Dice-K apologist, but this was just stupid and irresponsible  behavior on his part.

I know you were wondering how the Sox managed to add Bill Hall’s $6M contract without going over the luxury tax. Because of some special properties of Hall’s contract from the Brewers, he actually LOWERS our CBT number by about $1.5M. Alex Speier has the run-down over at

Theo Epstein didn’t rule out the possibility that Mike Lowell could remain with the Red Sox once he returns to health, if they could find the “right situation” for him. However, Lowell wants playing time, and even if he platooned at DH and played backup at first base, I would see at-bats as hard to come by with Bill Hall and Jed Lowrie both backing up third base. Lowell will be traded if and when he can be.

Adrian Beltre’s contract details, courtesy of Nick Cafardo. The player holds the 2011 option, which increases to $10M at 640 PA, but if Beltre reaches 575 PA in 2010, the Red Sox have a $1M buyout. He’s also got a lot of the usual bonuses written in for All-Star, MVP, etc. Scott Boras credits himself (why am I not surprised?) with the idea of a short-term deal with the Red Sox. The 2010 bridge year is becoming clearer, with a lot of contracts ending after 2010 and 2011.

Thanks to his healing collarbone, Ryan Westmoreland will not participate in the special development program for Red Sox top prospects. He hopes to be 100% by Spring Training, and we look forward to seeing what he does with a full year in the minors.

Casey Kelly has already grown an inch from when the Sox drafted him. With increased size, you generally get better velocity and more durability, which is good news for the Red Sox.


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