Links 1-19-2010: Avoiding arbitration, reliever value, Gammons on Bay

The Red Sox have four remaining players who have filed for salary arbitration and have not yet signed for 2010. Epstein still hasn’t gone to arbitration with anyone yet, so I’m fairly certain all of these will be taken care of soon. The chief concern among these is Jonathan Papelbon, who wants to be paid record sums of money on a team that is too smart to commit to overpaying long-term. There is a report out today that Paps may be close to signing on the dotted line for $9M, a hefty sum that is more than fair for 65-70 innings of work per season.

On a related note, the inimitable Dave Cameron explains here why relievers are just not worth what some people think, and why saber-savvy teams like Boston avoid those huge deals for closers.

Peter Gammons recently revealed that the Red Sox had worked out a 4-year, $60M agreement with Jason Bay during last season, but they nixed the deal after seeing some troubling tests on the outfielder’s knees. I have been saying for years that those reconstructed knees will not hold up forever, and a long-term contract was not a good idea. It’s nice to have some affirmation of that.

The Red Sox announced seven minor league signings this past week, adding some much-needed depth at the Triple-A level. Fernando Cabrera and Gil Velasquez are back, along with some other depth players.


One Response to Links 1-19-2010: Avoiding arbitration, reliever value, Gammons on Bay

  1. redsoxtalk says:

    Extra Bases reports that Papelbon, Delcarmen and Ramirez have all come to terms, avoiding arbitration. My guess is that Hermida has too, though it hasn’t been reported yet.

    Paps gets $9.35M and could get to $9.5M with incentives. Pretty good for a second-year eligible arb player.

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