Links 2-8-2010: Spring Training roster forming, keeping Beckett, Bill James projects the Sox

The Sox announced a partial list of players invited to Spring Training this week. Check it out at Extra Bases blog. Peter Abraham asks, given the amount of talent we’ve got, is it worth it to make another move?

Josh Beckett’s contract is up after 2010, and the Sox are reportedly tossing around numbers to extend him. While some suggest that he’s due at least 5 years and $85M, there may be some concern about his shoulder. Boston might offer him something that looks more like a slightly smaller version of Roy Halladay’s 3-year, $60M deal instead.

Bill James’s Baseball Abstract has been released, and here is a summary of what it says about our 2010 Red Sox.

Someone in the saber community did a workup using PITCHf/x and finds that a consistent trend of pitchers having lower release points at Fenway than at other parks. He says it’s likely the positioning of the cameras, but it does show that even PITCHf/x has some issues to work out.

Some more front office maneuvering by the Sox.


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