Links 2-15-2010: V-Mart wants to stay, Players reporting early, PECOTA

Catcher Victor Martinez told the Boston Herald that he is not looking to go to free agency, and he would like to stay a Red Sox until he retires. It’s refreshing to find someone who’s not so money crazy in this day of Scott Borases, and I’m all for keeping Martinez around (though eventually as a 1B or DH) at the right price. There is no word on whether the Sox have broached extension talks with Martinez yet, but he says he’s open to talking it over until the season begins. Have at it, Theo!

The first news and pictures are coming in from Florida, where several Red Sox players have already reported before the mandated day. Daisuke Matsuzaka has indeed slimmed down, while Clay Buchholz has added 13 pounds to his slight frame.

Looking at that Yankees roster can be daunting, but at least one major projection system, Baseball Prospectus’ PECOTA, predicts that Boston will beat them out by two games to take the AL East. Looking that roster over, I see very good starting players who are younger and probably less prone to injury than last year’s club, but I also see very little depth if one or two starters should go down. Compared to them, Boston boasts a deep and talented bench with lots of positional flexibility. Credit Theo for that. New York’s season will hang on keeping everyone healthy, and while they got younger, they’re not THAT much younger.

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