Links 3-8-2010: Sox lineup, A-Gonz’s worth, more ST notes

Tampa Bay manager Joe Maddon doesn’t see the Red Sox as lacking in offensive punch this year. Tim Dierkes ranks the AL offenses this year, and puts the Red Sox second behind you-know-who. If that holds, and the pitching and defense lives up to our expectations, we could be looking at a very successful 2010. Here’s what the fan projections at FanGraphs have to say about what the standings might look like on October 1.

Red Sox fans are enthusiastic about potentially trading for Adrian Gonzalez either at the deadline or next offseason. David Golebiewski writes about the trade value of Gonzalez at the Hardball Times. He thinks that it might cost us “Ryan Westmoreland and a B-level pitcher” to get him from San Diego. Sounds reasonable to me, but if we could avoid dealing Westmoreland or Kelly, I’d like that deal a whole lot better.

John Lackey looked strong in his ST debut, putting in two good innings. The Sox split the split-squad doubleheader, however. Clay Buchholz didn’t fare so well in his first outing, but Kelly picked up the Sox and they came back to take the other game.

Josh Beckett threw three shutout frames today, striking out three, and the Sox silenced the Cardinals early, though it became more of a slugfest later on. Beckett hasn’t signed an extension yet, and it may be a while, but he’s not unhappy with any of the talks yet.

Daisuke Matsuzaka has been making steady progress and could be ready to go by March 18th. He needs to get back and do something to redeem himself with the fans, and soon.

Scott Atchison’s 2-year old daughter is ill, and that played into his family moving back to the States this season. We wish him all the best of luck with her medical treatments and making the team.

Unable to get healthy this spring, young OF Zach Daeges was sent back down to Triple-A Pawtucket. Daeges missed last season due to a serious ankle issue. It’s a shame, because he’s talented, but he needs to stay healthy to show what he can do.


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