Links 3-17-2010: Marlins fishing for Lowell?, Westmoreland update

According to this Miami Herald blog post, the Marlins may have interest in 1B/3B Mike Lowell. Their current depth starters at the corners include Jorge Cantu, who is a decent hitter but not much of a third baseman, and unproven first basemen Gaby Sanchez and Logan Morrison. The Sox have done business with the budget-conscious Marlins in the past, so a deal could conceivably be struck if the Sox eat $9M of Lowell’s salary or more. I wouldn’t get too excited yet, but they are a team in need of a corner infielder.

OF prospect Ryan Westmoreland had successful brain surgery yesterday, and is recovering at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center in Arizona. His friend and fellow Sox prospect Anthony Rizzo had some comments on the situation.

Turns out Jed Lowrie’s condition is nothing more than a case of mono. It’s a severe illness, but one that should go away without any problems. Given all the injuries he’s been through the past year, that’s good news.

Here’s the update on Daisuke Matsuzaka. Things are still progressing slowly, but at least he was able to throw today. He’s scheduled to appear in a Spring Training game next week if all goes well.


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