Links 3-26-2010: The bullpen, Lowell, Beckett gets the ball first, all-time best Red Sox

The bullpen for 2010 is starting to take shape. Yesterday the Red Sox released 41-year old left-handed reliever Brian Shouse. Rather than keep him as a second LHP to complement Hideki Okajima, it looks like Boston will take advantage of Joe Nelson’s reverse split and use him in situational lefty spots for now. It’d be great if Dustin Richardson could come back up in a LOOGY role later this year.

The Mike Lowell drama continues. At least one scout says that Lowell doesn’t seem to have improved his mobility at all from last year, making him borderline untradeable as a third baseman. For his part, Lowell feels strong enough to play, but he knows he’s not his pre-injury self. All that talk about the Marlins reacquiring Lowell may be a bit overblown; their interest is tepid at best, and Lowell himself doesn’t really see much of a fit.

Is it any surprise that Josh Beckett will be our Opening Day starter? It shouldn’t be. And is it any surprise that Daisuke Matsuzaka will miss time on the DL to begin the season? Well, lucky us with six legitimate starting pitchers around.

Pretty cool article at Beyond the Box Score looking at the all-time best Red Sox by career WAR. Guess who’s number one? The frozen head himself. By a lot.

Former Sox prospect Richard Lentz has decided to call it quits, rather than endure a significant surgery on his shoulder.


3 Responses to Links 3-26-2010: The bullpen, Lowell, Beckett gets the ball first, all-time best Red Sox

  1. Pat says:

    Pappelbon beat out Beckett on that board. That seems crazy!

  2. redsoxtalk says:

    The difference is that Rally’s WAR database takes into account the leverage factor. Papelbon’s innings count for a lot more because he’s a closer, while Beckett is a starter. Tweak those leverage factors a little bit, and you could easily flip the order of those two.

    If you compare FanGraphs’ numbers (which are not leverage weighted), they have Beckett at 18.9 WAR in his time as a Red Sox, compared with 10.8 WAR for Papelbon over his career.

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