Links 3-30-2010: Tazawa to have surgery, Lowell, pitching notes

After consulting with Dr. James Andrews, it looks like Junichi Tazawa may need to undergo elbow ligament surgery. As we’ve seen in a greater and greater number of pitchers, Tommy John surgery is nothing to fret about, expect for the fact that it pushes back a player’s development by about a season.

The Texas Rangers may be revisiting a trade for Mike Lowell, months after nixing a deal because of thumb surgery. For those out there who keep saying that the Sox were trading Lowell for a bag of balls back then, they weren’t. They were willing to pay $9M or more because they were getting a quality prospect back in Max Ramirez. As much as all parties want Lowell to move on, they won’t give him up for free.

For those who are wondering when we’ll see Casey Kelly in the big leagues, Brian MacPherson lists some young pitchers and what kind of seasoning they had before sticking in the bigs. To me, the main comp here is Jon Lester; the Sox won’t rush their young arms more than they did with him.

Josh Beckett appears to be working in his changeup more, if yesterday was any indication. The changeup seems to be the pitch du jour, with Lester and Daniel Bard also focusing on the pitch this Spring.

There’s still some flux in the bullpen. Neither of the LOOGY candidates has distinguished himself so far, and Manny Delcarmen is still not looking too good; it wouldn’t surprise me at all if he starts the year on the DL or even off of the Major League roster.


2 Responses to Links 3-30-2010: Tazawa to have surgery, Lowell, pitching notes

  1. redsoxtalk says:

    Francona has said that Tazawa’s injury is a ligament sprain, but that surgery is still on the table.

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