Sox tender 4-year offer to Beckett

The rumors have been around for a while now, and according to Buster Olney, Boston has tendered a four-year offer sheet to ace Josh Beckett. The value of the deal is expected to exceed John Lackey’s $16.5M/year number, and is likely to be around $70M. Wow, if we are able to keep a rotation of Jon Lester, Lackey and Beckett around for four more years it would be pretty incredible.

I’ve brought up in the past that that seems like an awful lot of money to commit to the rotation. What do we pay our rotation compared to other teams? Luckily, MLB Trade Rumors has compiled the data for us, right here. The most expensive rotation in baseball? You guessed it, the Yankees at just over $63M in 2010.


One Response to Sox tender 4-year offer to Beckett

  1. redsoxtalk says:

    The latest rumor says $68M:

    There was speculation that by waiting until Opening Day to make the deal official, the Sox would save some money. Can’t find the article now…

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