Links 4-12-2010: Ellsbury ok, Dice-K rolls, Lowell to retire?

After a pretty hard collision with big Adrian Beltre, Jacoby Ellsbury’s ribs are merely bruised and not broken, and he seems to be doing ok. One of the results of this is that we might see more Jeremy Hermida this series against Minnesota. And if J.D. Drew’s neck doesn’t get better, we may even see Bill Hall in an outfield corner as well. Nice to have these kind of options at times like this.

Daisuke Matsuzaka threw 5 scoreless in his start for Pawtucket on Saturday. It’s been a long time since I’ve written those words. He’s said that he still has some things to work on, so I’m glad he’s not satisfied with holding minor league hitters scoreless. If he can come back by early May, the Red Sox should be in very good shape rotation-wise.

Mike Lowell has mentioned that he’s considering retirement after this year. He’s got to get some playing time to build up some trade value, and being a right-handed DH is not a bad way to go. For those of you who missed it, David Ortiz earned a golden sombrero in yesterday’s game, bringing his K-rate to 50% on the season. I’ve been saying it from Opening Night, he’s not looking good at all. I think we have to demote him to platoon DH for now, until he gets straightened out again.

I don’t know if it’s psychological or what, but Josh Beckett seems to prefer throwing to Jason Varitek. Francona doesn’t like using “personal catchers” but for Beckett he might make an exception.

Ryan Westmoreland’s family released a statement thanking fans for their support during this trying time. He’s been moved to Spaulding Rehab Center in Boston and is doing well, by all accounts.

The Red Sox elected some players and managers to their Hall of Fame this week.


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