Links 4-16-2010: OF shortage, Scutaro’s value, Dice-K getting ready, Embree staying

The Sox are back home for a tough series against the Rays, and they will be short at least one outfielder in Mike Cameron. Cameron was a late scratch for yesterday’s game after experiencing abdominal pain. It was severe enough that he had to stay behind as the team traveled home yesterday. So far, the Sox have ruled out appendicitis, and a DL trip may be in the works. With Jacoby Ellsbury nursing bruised ribs, we could run a barebones outfield of Jeremy Hermida, Bill Hall and J.D. Drew out there tonight (unless the Sox call up someone). The only other OF on the 40-man roster is Josh Reddick (.138/.167/.172), or the Sox could call up a middle infielder if they choose to play Hall in center; both Tug Hulett and Kevin Frandsen have one minor league option each and could be recalled without having to designate them. But if another regular goes down, we’re in trouble.

Speaking of the Rays, anyone else worried about stolen bases in this series? The Sox will have to get their defensive groove back if they want to win this series. I’ll the put over/under on Tampa steals at 12.

Brian MacPherson, quickly becoming one of my favorite sportswriters, has a nice article up about Marco Scutaro and what he brings offensively to this team. His value has been especially evident while Ellsbury has been out this week. Also of note: playing the (relatively) free-swinging Adrian Beltre and Cameron hasn’t hurt the team’s selectivity or patience  so far.

Daisuke Matsuzaka had another strong start for Pawtucket, throwing six scoreless innings, and get this- NO WALKS. Amazing, it’s like invasion of the body snatchers or something. My guess is that he’ll be ready to step in if Tim Wakefield has another bad start.

Lefty Alan Embree has decided not to opt out of his contract for now. He will continue to pitch at Pawtucket for a while to see if an opportunity crops up on the parent team.

Josh Beckett is reportedly engaged to a rocket scientist. No kidding. But Holly Fisher is also into NASCAR, so she probably broke the mold a little bit.

In other weird news, rapper Jay-Z is reportedly suing David Ortiz for naming his club Forty-Forty (in the Dominican Republic, of all places). He owns a chain of clubs called 40/40 and is reportedly seeking $5M in damages. My question is, why is Big Papi naming a club 40/40? I’d understand if it was opened by Jose Canseco or Alex Rodriguez, but shouldn’t Papi’s club be named something more like “54/1”?


One Response to Links 4-16-2010: OF shortage, Scutaro’s value, Dice-K getting ready, Embree staying

  1. redsoxtalk says:

    Cameron has been diagnosed with a kidney stone, and will miss time until it passes naturally:

    Kidney stone passage varies person to person, but I expect Cameron to miss perhaps a week to ten days.

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