Links 4-19-2010: The slump, Lowell time?, Lester’s pitch selection, more

If the numbers have anything to say about it, the Red Sox are mired in a slump of epic proportions. They have not been able to hit with runners on base, missed spots with pitches and suffered from critical defensive errors at bad times. All of this should look up in time, so I’m not as down on the team as some, but it sure is terrible to watch.

Ken Rosenthal points out that with a lot of home games coming up, we may be seeing a lot more of Mike Lowell at DH against left-handed pitchers. As I’ve been saying, I think that’s a good thing.

Brian MacPherson comes through again. If you thought you noticed a lot of changeups from Jon Lester yesterday, you were right – the Sox went in with an offspeed strategy against the Rays, who hit fastballs really well.

If there’s one thing the Sox do well, it’s cover their bases. Looks like they had Josh Reddick ready to go here in Boston just in case Jacoby Ellsbury had a setback. Ells is now expected to be back early to mid-week.

David Laurila sits down to talk with new middle infielder Kevin Frandsen. Most saberists think the Giants gave up on him too early. Let’s hope they’re right.


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