Links 4-20-2010: Cameron to the DL, Reddick activated

After experiencing further abdominal pain, Mike Cameron was sent to MGH and diagnosed with a tear of the abdominal muscle. This may help explain why he hasn’t looked like himself defensively this weekend. OF Josh Reddick will be activated today, and we should see him manning center until Jacoby Ellsbury is healthy enough to go. That may not be until next week sometime, so this is Reddick’s chance to prove something.

Everyone’s frustrated with the way our Sox are playing. We’re not driving people in, the pitching has been iffy and even the defense has been shaky. But this is all very temporary, as things should even out. Our primary concerns should be getting our outfield healthy again, addressing the DH and catching situations and maybe fortifying that bullpen a bit.

Daisuke Matsuzaka thinks he’s ready to return, but the Sox will want him make at least one more minor league start. Brian MacPherson suggests that April 27 might be the day for him to make his first start.

Congratulations to Jonathan and Ashley Papelbon, who had a son, Gunner Robert Papelbon, on Saturday.

Ramon A. Ramirez cleared waivers and was sent to Triple-A, reducing the 40-man roster to 39 guys.


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