Links 4-21-2010: Epstein blasts Sox, Cameron and Ellsbury, Dobies traded

Theo Epstein blasted (for him, anyway) the play of the Red Sox in the press yesterday. It’s pretty rare for him to show any emotion or speak negatively about players, but clearly he’s frustrated, just as we all are. Patrick Sullivan reminds us that in times like these, journalists love to jump on the bandwagon and make unsubstantiated statements about the team.

Before you go blame the Red Sox for signing a 37-year old like Mike Cameron, consider that he’s one of the fittest players on the team, and that a bunch of younger players have suffered the same injury recently. The team hopes to have him back in two weeks, but surgery is still on the table as an option as well. On the other hand, Jacoby Ellsbury could be back in a few days but probably within a week.

Left-hander Andrew Dobies was traded from the Portland Sea Dogs roster to the Chicago White Sox for a PTBNL or cash.


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