Links 4-23-2010: How to fix the outfield and catcher, improved defense?

So many good links out there, I had to post a part 2. Given the multiple injuries to our outfield, more and more are asking how to fix it. We know that throwing out runners is a problem; but the question is what are we planning to do about it? At the rate opponents are succeeding now, we could lose perhaps 10 marginal wins to steals alone! We’ve got two catchers on the roster, and neither of them can do a thing about all the thefts. There is a rumor out today that Boston might look at acquiring Chris Snyder from Arizona once he is available. I actually advocated getting him a while back, before we traded for Martinez.

The first set of Ultimate Zone Ratings for 2010 have been released, and the Red Sox are not doing too badly. Marco Scutaro has been mildly disappointing so far, but as a squad, we’ve been the fourth best team by UZR. In an extremely small sample, Bill Hall as been atrocious in center field, which is probably why Darnell McDonald is starting there for now.

Things look dire in Red Sox Nation, I know, but BP reminds us that it’s still really early, and we shouldn’t be counting anyone out yet, especially a team as talented as ours.

Want to know which hitters really pull the ball? Jeremy Greenhouse has a great way to profile hitters that could aid in OF positioning. Part 1 and part 2 are available at Baseball Analysts, a great site. Among the interesting findings, he notes that Jacoby Ellsbury can not go the opposite way with an inside pitch; to me that’s okay, as long as he can turn on it and pull it down the line.


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