Links 5-5-2010: Sox down Halos 5-1, Papi still in, Ellsbury takes BP

So, about that game yesterday. I would have lifted Jon Lester in the 8th against Mike Napoli with the score 1-1. Yeah, I know he hasn’t done much this year, but he’s got a career .285/.393/.520/.913 line against lefties; he was also 2-2 in the game. I think Lester was up to 103 pitches when he came to bat, a little short. Napoli singles, and the Angels have two one with no outs. Thankfully, Mike Scioscia believes in the sacrifice, and Dustin Pedroia came through with an inning-ending double play (which may not have actually been two), but I don’t think the extra drama was needed. Anyways, give Dustin credit and the win went to Lester, which he deserved.

Jonathan Papelbon also came on and mixed it up quite a bit. With a four-run lead, you can afford to try some stuff out. His splitter was probably the best I’ve seen from him all year, which helped speed things along.

Yes, David Ortiz is still in the lineup tonight with a right-hander on the mound. I know, it’s painful watching him up there, but he won’t even have a chance to work it out if he doesn’t get playing time. I agree with Pedey, we need to just relax a bit. If Papi relaxes, he has a chance to find himself again. As long as he’s hearing the boos, he’ll continue to press. How much more room do we give him? I think until mid- to late May is reasonable. If he doesn’t turn it around by then…

Good news – Jacoby Ellsbury was able to take batting practice yesterday, and even managed to knock one out of the park, right inside the Pesky Pole in right. He looked good enough that Will Carroll tweeted that he could be back for this weekend’s series against New York. He does qualify that, saying it’s still “unlikely”.

Marco Scutaro is happy about the new infield grass cut at Fenway. The infield has been the topic of many a complaint, with even Pedey talking about it a year or two ago. It has been recognized as one of the tougher infields out there.

MLB Trade Rumors takes a look ahead at some of the contract issues that will face the Red Sox going forward after 2010. They estimate that Boston will have about $40M worth of money to work with in the offseason.

Catcher Mark Wagner had successful surgery to remove a broken hamate bone from his hand. Pedroia had the same surgery a while back, and it hasn’t impacted him negatively in the least.


One Response to Links 5-5-2010: Sox down Halos 5-1, Papi still in, Ellsbury takes BP

  1. Pat says:

    That 40 million looks pretty considering we’ll only have three spots to fill, and one is DH.

    I wonder if this team will avoid a true DH type player, like Papi, and try to optimize roster flexibility and platoon splits.

    Anyways, we don’t have to worry about that for awhile.

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