Links 5-10-2010: The Yankees series, the rotation, more Ortiz, Cameron starts rehab

I won’t rehash this series for you to too much gory detail. Just check out the excellent game summaries at WEEI’s Full Count blog (game 1, game 2, game 3). Not a lot to be enthused about, despite yesterday’s win. Still, I’m not panicking.

With the two bad starts against the Yankees this weekend and the pattern of bad pitching to start this season, there are plenty of questions being raised. Perhaps the Red Sox are not preparing their pitchers properly coming out of Spring Training? I think it’s some bad pitching, some bad luck, and some bad defense all converging in a perfect storm of sorts. There’s some hope, as Jason Varitek, John Farrell and Terry Francona all swear that Josh Beckett started off with some really sick (in a good way) stuff on Friday, only to implode in the 6th inning. Even Daisuke Matsuzaka’s fastball snapped back in the second inning after that awful first on Saturday. He’s happiest with his progress on that pitch. Once the rotation gets upright, the overworked bullpen is sure to follow. Let’s hope we are past the worst of it.

There’s no more polarizing figure on the Sox this year than David Ortiz. Peter Abraham cautiously points out that Big Papi has had a pretty big May thus far, while others are calling for him to just leave altogether, at least for an extended break. It’s hard to argue for Ortiz to keep playing while Mike Lowell and Jeremy Hermida are being very productive as part-time players and could handle splitting DH duties in addition to their backup roles. The wait is grueling, I’ll admit. But this will get decided in the next few weeks, one way or another.

Mike Cameron will play tonight for Pawtucket, and if all goes well, he should be back in a Red Sox uniform within short order. Step one towards us becoming a competitor again.

Varitek is feeling okay after being crossed up on a Beckett fastball on Friday, and he’s able to play when called upon. Ramon Ramirez’s tricep is feeling better, and he is also ready to go. Boof Bonser is up to 60+ pitches, and his return to the ballclub may finally be near.

Adrian Beltre wore shades last night because of the wind at Fenway. He should keep wearing them if they help him hit like that.


One Response to Links 5-10-2010: The Yankees series, the rotation, more Ortiz, Cameron starts rehab

  1. redsoxtalk says:

    Just to impress the importance of Cameron and Ellsbury to our run prevention scheme:

    McDonald (-2 runs saved by plus/minus, -5.1 UZR in 128 innings)
    Bill Hall (0 runs saved by plus/minus, -1.1 UZR in 33 innings)
    Van Every (-1 runs saved by plus/minus, -0.6 UZR in 25 innings)

    Cameron (0 runs saved by plus/minus, -0.6 UZR in 84 innings)

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