5-20-2010: Quantifying the Fenway infield

The infield at Fenway has gotten a lot of bad press over the years, getting complaints from Dustin Pedroia, Marco Scutaro, Adrian Beltre and most of the American League. But how bad is it, really? Now with UZR home/away splits, we have the first inkling (numbers courtesy FanGraphs.com):

UZR/150 Pos Home Away
Youkilis 1B -1.8 12.9
Pedroia 2B 4.1 9.8
Scutaro SS 9.5 15.5
Beltre 3B 14.4 1.3
Drew RF 46.9 0.1
McDonald CF -47.2 -39.5
Cameron CF -23.6 26.5
Hermida LF -4.4 45.7
Hall LF 1.3 -115.4

Keep in mind the small samples, but all of the infielders except Beltre show some big splits in favor of away games. Looks like it may make as much five runs of difference over 150 games. I’ve included outfield positions here as well, for reference. Take a gander at Darnell McDonald’s UZR numbers in CF if you’re wondering why run prevention is not working out yet this season.


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