Links 5-26-2010: Reversal on McDonald, reason for optimism, Youk is good

Darnell McDonald woke up to his phone ringing. Jacoby Ellsbury is feeling pain in his side, get to the park, pronto! Just after activating Mike Cameron off of the DL, turns out Ellsbury is not quite ready yet after all. Scott Atchison was designated as a result instead of McDonald to make room on the roster. Earlier yesterday, he was feeling fine, and was ready to man centerfield the rest of the year; let’s hope this doesn’t derail what we’ve got going now, as Cameron himself is not 100% yet, either.

Another impressive game by Red Sox pitching yesterday. Jon Lester is just wow. As I mentioned, it looks like the Sox are getting a pretty good run together. Could we see the Sox get back in it over the next couple of weeks? I think it’s quite possible, as we have a relatively easy schedule coming up, followed by a couple of weeks of Inter-League play, which we love. Before you get too bent out of shape about our place in the standings, consider that we have had the toughest schedule strength in our division (+0.174), according to Dolphin Sports (these are published by Andrew Dolphin, a co-author of THE BOOK with noted sabermetrician Tom Tango). The Yankees have had it pretty tough too (+0.136), but the Rays have had a cakewalk by comparison thus far (+0.019).

Kevin Youkilis gets some props from Patrick Sullivan at Baseball Analysts. Why do we need Adrian Gonzalez when we’ve got Youuuuk?

R.J. Anderson thinks that Dustin Pedroia isn’t being aggressive enough with the first pitch of each at-bat. I have noticed once or twice when opponents just fire one in there with no fear, but I think he’s nit-picking.

Interestingly enough, as the starting pitching has come around, baserunners have become a non-issue. Oh yeah- WHAT BASERUNNERS?

Josh Beckett played long toss and went off the mound for a few throws yesterday, and thing seem to be feeling better. He should be good to go next week.

Junichi Tazawa is now two months into his new elbow ligament era, and he was glad to be able to visit the ballpark yesterday. It’ll be some time yet before he can pick up a baseball again.

Peter Abraham poses a fun question. Which free agent outfielder would you rather we sign in the off-season, Carl Crawford or Jayson Werth? The Yankees can’t sign them both, so we should get one, right?

Some people are making a big deal about David Ortiz’ home run trot being the slowest in the Majors. First of all, as Jerry Remy pointed out this morning, Big Papi is an established veteran, not some rookie punk. Second, are you really that surprised? Have you seen Big Papi? My main concern is that we keep seeing that slow trot for the rest of the year.


2 Responses to Links 5-26-2010: Reversal on McDonald, reason for optimism, Youk is good

  1. Pat says:

    It’s a funny thing about Adrian Gonzalez, at the start of the year a lot of people thought (somewhat unreasonably) that we would need a bat at the deadline. Now it looks like we need rotation depth. An arm not a bat.

    And poor Papi. That guy deals with more scrutiny than anyone else on this team. Even more than Drew. It will take many months of solid production from Ortiz to get the media to ease off.

  2. Pat says:

    I take back that first part because of Ellsbury’s second trip to the DL. Seems like we could use another OF.

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