5-28-2010: The return of Dice-BB, Ellsbury status quo, Delcarmen back in form

I just have no words for yesterday’s start by Daisuke Matsuzaka. Did this guy really have a near no-hitter last time out? Matsuzaka walked EIGHT Kansas City Royals en route to one of his worst starts ever. The runs didn’t happen until the 5th inning, but there was trouble brewing form the very start, according to John Farrell. I guess we can throw out the Jason Varitek theory, because it happened with Tek behind the plate yesterday… I’ll spare you the long article telling you how I looked at his stuff in PITCHf/x, and there wasn’t much that was amiss; it was all a matter of control, which suggests a minor mechanical issue to me. Sigh. He’s always been good at preventing hits; it’s the control that’s an issue. Dice-K offered some vague excuse about “lower body soreness”, but come on- be a man already! Can someone explain to me why walking someone is more honorable than letting them hit it and getting them out again?

After a battery of tests, Jacoby Ellsbury is no closer to understanding what is ailing him than he is to getting back on the field. This is starting to look bad, especially because he can’t very well go out and play until we know what’s wrong and what the associated risks are.

Manny Delcarmen is getting some love from the press, after flashing his 95 mph fastball again. He was down around 90 mph early this year, but has gotten back to his mid-year form. That velocity difference is the difference between Delcarmen being released and him being a useful piece of this bullpen. Let’s hope he can keep it going this year; he’s prone to fading in the second half.

FanGraphs takes a look at closer utilization in the AL East, and finds that Terry Francona does the best job of saving his closer for high leverage situations.

Red Sox prospect Stolmy Pimental threw six innings of no-hit ball last night at High-A Salem. He’s actually done this twice in his last three starts; the only problem is that he’s had his share of really bad starts as well. He’s still a work in progress, what can we say?


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