6-7-2010: Baltimore wrapup, wounded OFs, looking ahead

It was a disappointing loss to end the series, fer sure (as John Lackey might say), but it was still a good series for the Red Sox. Boston made the Orioles look pitiful (as they should), outscoring them 22-6 over three games. That’s what run prevention looks like when it works. Clay Buchholz turned in another great outing, showing more maturity and poise on the mound, Jon Lester pitched great yet again (with a big help from Daniel Bard), and Lackey wasn’t too terrible. Oh, and in that last game, despite the velocity being there, Manny Delcarmen’s poor finish has been attributed to lower back issues. David Ortiz is also fine after being hit by a pitch on the left hand, near the wrist. Mike Cameron finally came back and looked very good out in center field in his first start- more good news.

Perhaps the most negative thing to come out of this series was the collision between Adrian Beltre and Jeremy Hermida. That’s the second OF Beltre has taken out this season, for those who are keeping score; Jacoby Ellsbury is still on the sidelines after crashing into the big third baseman a month ago. Hermida doesn’t have any broken bones, or at least that’s what the Sox medical team claims. Beltre is a hulking six feet of muscle- Hermida and Ellsbury, not so much. Left field is becoming a hazardous place to play in Boston. The next victim? Josh Reddick, fresh from Pawtucket.

Incidentally guys, please don’t touch Beltre’s head. That nearly cost Victor Martinez a trip to the DL, according to this article.

The Red Sox will probably make room for Boof Bonser early this week. Why the rush to get him on the active roster? He’s looking better than ever, and his heater touched 95 mph in his last relief outing, suggesting that he’s finally healthy and ready to be evaluated.

Alex Speier notes (correctly) that the San Diego Padres’ unexpected success, coupled with the emergence of Buchholz, makes any deal that would bring Adrian Gonzalez to Boston pretty unlikely.


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