6-8-2010: A note about Kurt Suzuki

Nick Cafardo writes:

With Victor Martinez unsigned and no prospect ready to assume the catching duties next season, Suzuki will likely be the Sox’ top target in the offseason.

I just don’t see it. Look, I know the Red Sox have long coveted Kurt Suzuki and all that, but that doesn’t mean that they can just go poach him from the Athletics in the offseason. Suzuki is an excellent defensive catcher (watch this video, then watch it again to really appreciate it) who has posted the 5th-best wOBA (.330) in the last 365 days among Major League catchers. He’s right behind Yadier Molina and ahead of (ahem) Matt Wieters. That’s an excellent young player right there. Add to that that Suzuki has not even reached the first year of salary arbitration, which doesn’t figure to be so bad, even for the A’s. Catchers not named Joe Mauer usually don’t make that much money. So tell me again how we’re gonna target this guy?

Look, would the Sox love to have Suzuki? Absolutely. I’d love to have him too. But we know that this front office works off of value. They don’t target dream players on other teams and then just pay whatever it takes to land them, because that strategy will hurt you in the long run. Cafardo does say that the cost is “another matter”, but how can he say that Suzuki will be THE “top target”? Why would Billy Beane trade him at all? Maybe he’d take Dustin Pedroia for him, is that what Cafardo is suggesting? While we’re at it, there’s a first baseman in St. Louis I heard is pretty good too. Let’s target him. Just ridiculous.

It’s one thing for a sports radio talk show caller to suggest something like this, but this guy is paid to be knowledgable about the game and write intelligently about it. Please, don’t make claims like this unless you’ve got Theo Epstein whispering it in your ear.


3 Responses to 6-8-2010: A note about Kurt Suzuki

  1. Tim Wright says:

    Unless the Sox front office learned their lesson after the Lugo incident, I’d say they do indeed covet players and then pay them whatever they want (waiting for that Adam Dunn deal). Besides that, they’re fixing to have somewhere around $40MIL to play with this off season after they shed the contracts of Lowell, Ortiz and some others.

    I’d say they have just as much chance landing Suzuki as they do a player like Wieters. Free agent catcher market is pretty slim this year, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they went after someone like Miguel Olivo

    • redsoxtalk says:

      Hi Tim, there’s an important distinction between a player like Suzuki and Lugo. The Sox do splurge on free agents from time to time (Lugo, JD Drew, Lackey), but they don’t trade the farm for someone else’s player.

      Do they covet Dunn? I don’t recall hearing that. And I think the FO is smart enough to realize that a player like Olivo is not the answer. He’s a platoon guy only, and shouldn’t get more than a one-year deal here or anywhere else.

  2. Pep says:

    You know Olivio is having a monster year right? Clearly not just a platoon guy

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