6-18-2010: Sox sweep Dbacks, Manny happy returns?

Game notes: The Sox draw to within just TWO GAMES of first place! Both John Lackey and Dan Haren are having down years, in what should normally have been a pitcher’s duel last night. Lackey was shaky all game, working high in the zone and they were smacking him all over the ballpark. That errant throw to first in the 3rd was very ill-advised. Anybody else find David Ortiz’s slide in the first inning to be hysterical? Judging from Kevin Youkilis’ out at second, the Sox could use a refresher on sliding. Manny Delcarmen allowed some baserunners, sure, but he was locating alright and getting ground balls; they just found their way through the infield. Lastly, is it jsut me, or has Jonathan Papebon dropped his arm slot even more? It looked like he has moved to a low 3/4 slot yesterday, which allowed him to locate heat right at the knees. Hope it doesn’t indicate anything health-wise for him.

As the Dodgers come into town tonight, this article by Peter Abraham just about sums it up. I can tell you for my part that I will not be cheering for Manny Ramirez. Yes, he did a lot for this ballclub in his day, but he received all the applause he’s getting from me. I refuse to support that kind of player.

Daisuke Matsuzaka threw a 39-pitch bullpen session, and is on track to return around June 23.

To any of you wondering why Josh Reddick still isn’t up here, the Red Sox have deemed that he’s still not ready for prime time. Reddick can play defense and has athleticism, that’s true. But besides the fact that he hasn’t had much success here (or at Pawtucket, for that matter), he’s still pretty raw at the plate, swinging at 45% of pitches off of the plate in 17 PA this season, and whiffing on 13.5% of his cuts, well above the Major League averages. Thank God for Daniel Nava, who is giving us some production out of left field (literally and figuratively).

Beyond the Box Score graphs the teams that have had to face the most batters per game in the Major Leagues this year. Notably, the Red Sox are second to last at 39.05 batters per game. Hence the extra strain on our bullpen.


2 Responses to 6-18-2010: Sox sweep Dbacks, Manny happy returns?

  1. Pat says:

    Down to one game behind now, and Toronto seems to finally be dropping out. This is what we all expected in March. It’s anyone’s guess, at this point, who will fall to third place.

    Whoever it is will be the third best team in the majors.

    • redsoxtalk says:

      If the numbers play out like they should, I think the Red Sox finish second and the Rays slip to third. But there’s always injuries and mid-season acquisitions, so it’s really tough to say at this point.

      Things are definitely looking up for our Sox, however.

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