Links 6-22-2010: Gammons on Sox, Bard, Atchison, Sox sign Ramos

Peter Gammons gives us his insight on Boston’s 2010 season. Injuries and poor performances notwithstanding, we are where we are and we should appreciate that. Great read.

R.J. Anderson notes that Daniel Bard has improved on his walk rate this year by being more aggressive with the first strike and convincing batters that he’s going to throw strikes.

It’s late June, and Scott Atchison is still around. You could tell fromt he contract he received that the Red Sox liked him as a low-cost back of the bullpen guy with some upside.

Fifth-round pick Henry Ramos has signed with the Red Sox, pending a physical and a drug test. He will see action in the Gulf Coast League once he reports.

Here’s one of those bar debates that a lot of people just can’t see eye to eye with sabermetricians on: Dwight Evans or Jim Rice? The answer is clear, according to Beyond the Boxscore.


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