Links 6-29-2010: Historical hurt? Bonser becomes a FA, Beltre for HoF?

Although it might feel like it lately, BBTF Sox Therapy reminds us that while it’s been bad, this team has not been much more injured than other recent Sox teams. It’s good to keep some perspective, as we face a July full of fill-ins and temporary call-ups.

Boof Bonser cleared waivers today, and elected free agency. Looks like he didn’t show enough this season for any teams to want to give up anything to get him. Looks like the Sox will be on the prowl for more bullpen help. Do you think the Sox would want to revisit one of the free agent relievers available, like Chad Bradford or Hunter Jones? Hard-throwing Juan Cruz is an intriguing arm, but teams are staying away from him for some reason.

Satchel Price at Beyond the Box Score thinks that there are some reasons to think that Adrian Beltre could be headed for the Hall of Fame. I agree that Beltre’s been one of the best third basemen over the past 10-20 years, but I’m skeptical. Last time I checked, HoF voters don’t look at UZR or WAR in their deliberations. They look at things like batting average, HR, and RBI. OPS+ is about as fancy as they get, typically.


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