Links 7-14-2010: Injury updates, the bullpen, Beltre going forward, Ellsbury rift, the future

Here is the latest on our walking wounded, from the Extra Bases blog: Dustin Pedroia has a CT scan scheduled for Friday, which should tell us more accurately how long it will be. Clay Buchholz will have a rehab start on Friday at Pawtucket, then rejoin the rotation on their West Coast trip next week. Victor Martinez’ hand is still so swollen that he can’t even put on the catcher’s mitt. That’s a big problem. Josh Beckett also had a solid rehab start for Pawtucket, allowing two hits and one run in four innings of work.

As we ponder what to do about our bullpen, Daniel Bard claims that he doesn’t feel overworked at all, and it looks like Michael Bowden will be up in short order to join the corps. The Toronto Blue Jays have made it known that several of their relievers are available via trade. Of the options, I like Scott Downs as a lefty who can fill the role formerly held by Hideki Okajima, who is still battling his achy back.

Adrian Beltre is finally getting some recognition for his superb season so far, after nearly signing with Oakland. He’s pretty much earned Type A free agent status, and looks to ink a huge deal this offseason. The Red Sox have not tried to re-sign him, and Boras is unlikely to agree to any deal with the way Beltre is playing.

There is very clearly a problem between Jacoby Ellsbury and the Red Sox. Ells thinks he’s been wronged by the club, and the players think he’s taking it out on them. Sugar-coat it all you want, Scott Boras, but things are not happy in Jacoby-town these days.

It doesn’t amount to a hill of beans at this point, but it’s nice to know that both Jon Lester and Buchholz would like to stick around Boston for a long time. David Ortiz also predicts that he’ll be back with the Sox next season, hopefully on a multi-year contract. We’ll have to see about that one.

Congrats to Terry Francona for winning his 900th Major League game this past week. He is such a well-adjusted guy, and that’s why he’s so well liked.


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