Links 7-28-2010: Lowell making his case, Ellsbury, Pedey, the bullpen and patience

Holy Toledo! Mike Lowell turned some heads by slamming three home runs for Pawtucket yesterday against the Mud Hens. He’s making a pretty strong case for himself at the right time. I hope for his sake he can get traded somewhere where he can play regularly.

Jacoby Ellsbury continues to progress toward a return, but Dustin Pedroia was told to take it easy and stick to his original timeline. FWIW, Curt Schilling doesn’t think Ellsbury is dogging it. But Scott Boras might have some machinations at work throughout this whole thing.

This bullpen could look very different in a week or two, notes WEEI’s Alex Speier.

R.J. Anderson at FanGraphs points out that because of the particularly dire financial situation of teams this year, teams with money (like the Sox) might be able to land a fairly good player on waivers after the July 31 deadline. Another reason not to panic and pull the trigger on Scott Downs or a reliever of his ilk.


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