Links 7-30-2010: Down to the (waiver) wire, SoS

Those of us hoping for a last-minute Mike Lowell deal, it ain’t happening now (at least RIGHT now), even with his record-setting performance at Pawtucket this week. The two clubs who showed interest in the veteran have gone in other directions – the Rangers landed Jorge Cantu, and the Tigers traded for Jhonny Peralta. Can’t blame them for not wanting to make the Sox any stronger. J.P. Ricciardi still sees potential for this team to roar back and into the playoffs, and he’s not the only one. Lowell is no longer with the Paw Sox, so look for him to be activated today. Maybe we’ll get some production out of him yet.

As for the bullpen situation, the Twins paid a real premium to grab Matt Capps from the Nationals; I don’t see Theo Epstein approaching that kind of a haul for any available reliever, unless Dayton Moore goes insane and the Royals decide to sell off Joakim Soria (it’s a dream, people! give it up!). As usual, Epstein’s team is working hard to get an undervalued reliever from somewhere. The latest name is Joe Thatcher of the Padres.

Something that we’ve hinted at, but now it’s been quantified – the Red Sox have had a more difficult schedule than either the Yankees or the Rays. Still a glimmer of hope in there, as things even out more in the stretch.


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