Links 8-3-2010: Hanging on by a thread, outfield outlook, Dice-K’s future

After the loss last night, the Red Sox are seriously hanging on by a thread. This season is starting to circle the drain unless we right things, and fast. If Kevin Youkilis’ thumb keeps him out for more than a game or two, it could be the end. It’s that tight. Dustin Pedroia is getting closer, but every game counts for us right now, especially against lesser competition.

The Yankees and Rays are doing exactly what we don’t want them to do, which is continue to win at about the same rate. We need one of them to collapse if we’re going to have a shot at October. The other team can get hot or whatever. It doesn’t matter, really.

Mike Cameron has hit the DL, and Daniel Nava is back up. Based on what is being reported, there’s a good chance that Cameron will not be back this season. With Jeremy Hermida designated for assignment, we are now looking at an outfield of Nava, Jacoby Ellsbury and J.D. Drew with Darnell McDonald as the fourth outfielder. That’s passable, but if Ellsbury can’t return, we will be crippled out there. More than ever, our postseason hopes may hang on Ellsbury, who will play again at Pawtucket today, then decide if he’s ready to rejoin the team or not.

I do like what I’m seeing from Ryan Kalish. He’s a high-energy player and is eager to make an impression, understandably. The self-professed fan of Trot Nixon hustles out there and seems to be at the center of every significant play (outside of Adrian Beltre’s at-bats). He’s not likely to be ready to handle this level yet, but we may need him to be if things on’t improve on the injury front, and soon.

On another note, Evan Brunell thinks it’s time for the Sox to trade Daisuke Matsuzaka. I agree, we’ve got enough pitching now that he’s not needed on this team, but selling now would not net us anything of value. I’d let him play out the year, and explore what’s out there this offseason. Given his no-trade protection, I think he’d have to go to a Japanese-friendly team like the Mariners or the Dodgers.


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