Links 8-13-2010: Playoff hopes fading, Salty and Hall, draft deadline coming, Sickels reviews our farm

The Red Sox took two of three from the Blue Jays, which is okay, but we should have had game 3. If we let games like that slip away, I don’t see us getting back to the playoffs this year. The math is starting to get pretty tough for us, points out Rob Neyer.

It certainly won’t be any easier with Jonathan Papelbon lacking his previous dominance as a closer. It’s not just one game, but Pap is showing a gradual decline which started last year. He’s still a very good closer, but he’s rapidly losing elite status, and that’s bad with just one year of arbitration left.

Jarrod Saltalamacchia was called up this week, and did just fine in his first start yesterday. I wouldn’t go so far as to say we let Victor Martinez walk this offseason, but there’s some hope yet for Salty to become something.

Seems like people only remember a couple of botched plays when they think of Bill Hall, but he’s had a pretty good season at the plate. Jeremy Greenhouse points out that, in at least one situation, you’d rather bat him than Prince Fielder.

If you haven’t gotten enough of the Sox’s injury-riddled season yet, here’s a nice visualization by Kevin Dame, entitled, “Bloody Sox”.

The deadline to sign draft picks is this coming Monday. Here’s a current rundown of where the Sox stand on this year’s draftees. I think the big fish is Anthony Ranaudo, who we should definitely sign.

John Sickels reviews the top 20 Red Sox prospects this season, and how they’ve fared. It looks like Ryan Kalish has passed Josh Reddick in the outfield, and Anthony Rizzo may have supplanted Lars Anderson as the first baseman of the future. Scouting director Mike Hazen points to Kyle Weiland when he thinks of who sticks out to him as having really improved his stock this year.

In case you missed them, here are some Adrian Beltre facts (in the style of Chuck Norris facts). Funny.


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