Links 9-20-2010: Offer to V-Mart, Ortiz’ option, Youk, Ethier, Drew, Darvish

The Sox apparently made a two-year offer to Victor Martinez, which he understandably turned down. I know they don’t want to sign him long-term to be their catcher, but this is an obvious low-ball offer to one of the upper-tier free agent prizes this offseason. I’d love to see them grab him for 3-4 years, with the understanding that he will transition mostly to 1B/DH towards the end of the deal.

There was an earlier report that the Sox are prepared to pick up David Ortiz’s $12.5M option for 2011. I’d be very surprised if they went this route rather than explore a multi-year deal at a lower annual salary.

Here is a rundown on what the Red Sox rotation could look like next year (hint: it’s very similar to this year’s model). Look for the Sox to try and ink Clay Buchholz to an extension, thought they might want to wait until his stock drops some. His numbers this year are kind of crazy good, and probably a bit better than we can expect from him going forward.

Here are the players going who are eligible to go to arbitration this offseason.

Always the good soldier, Kevin Youkilis has gone on record saying that he’ll play wherever the Sox ask him to next year. Normally you don’t worry about moving a Gold Glove first baseman, but moving Youk to third base could give the Sox flexibility in case they can’t re-sign Adrian Beltre this offseason.

Andre Ethier has apparently been telling some people that he’d love to play for Boston with his former college teammate Dustin Pedroia. We’d love to have him too, only how do we get him here? It won’t happen this offseason.

It looks like J.D. Drew may be done with baseball after the 2011 season. Despite his eminent abilities, it’s clear that his passion for the game has waned. Jason Varitek, on the other hand, already wants to play beyond 2011.

If this offseason wasn’t already wild enough for you, it looks like Yu Darvish will likely be posted, just like Daisuke Matsuzaka was. It’ll be interesting to see whether the Red Sox will be as aggressive with Darvish as they were with Dice-K. He is definitely a legit potential ace, but Boston fans have had it up to here with some of the unexplainable complications of dealing with the Japanese psyche.

Peter Abraham reflects on the disaster that might have been had the Red Sox traded Jon Lester and others to the Twins for Johan Santana. Santana needs shoulder surgery, and it could be a very long time until he can pitch again.


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